Shoe Care

How to Care for Ops&Ops
Our super-soft natural leathers, just like our suedes, can carry variations in shade and texture, including small irregularities – all testament to their quality. It also means they are a little more susceptible to marks.
We recommend using a protective spray, which will help to make them water-resistant. This will also guard against spillages, but no leather will be completely waterproof – it can’t be, it’s skin. 

Dirt and spots can often be removed using a soft cloth dabbed with a gentle detergent, take care not to rub too hard and always try on a small, not too noticeable place first.

A good fit for the rain, which tends to run off patents, will with wear develop creases, scratches and cracks. These are part of the unique nature of the leather and its coating and are both inevitable and irreversible.
Use a damp cloth to clean or remove dust and wipe dry. Keep away from heat when storing.
To help keep them hydrated, gently rub in a patent polish using a soft cloth. leave to dry and shine.

Suedes & Nubucks
Use a protective spray before the first wear. Sweep off any dirt with a soft brush then restore the nap by brushing with a crepe or rubber suede brush.

Salt Stains
The fallout from being caught in a downpour. If
you’re lucky you can be rid of the stains by dabbing with a soft cloth and a little water. But if that doesn’t work using white vinegar will.

  • In a small bowl add equal parts water and white vinegar
  • Dab the solution on to the stain using a soft cloth or an old sock
  • Leave them to dry
  • If the stain is still visible, repeat the process
  • Condition the surface by rubbing in some leather balm to soften the leather where the salt had been
  • Buff with a cloth.