We are excited to announce Ops&Ops are now available in New York! Farfalla, a super-cool vintage store in Brooklyn owned by our friend Neala and husband Pete, is stocking select styles to pair perfectly with their beautifully curated collections.

The timeless quality of Ops makes them a go-to partner to wear with vintage clothes and accessories – we’ve often done this in our styling – which is why being here makes perfect sense. It’s an ideal match.

Farfalla opened in autumn last year, but Neala’s passion for vintage goes way back. In her own words:

“I’ve been vintage clothing obsessed since I was a teenager and Pete, my husband, and I love collecting old stuff: records, toys, textiles, books, homewares and deco …

“I had little interest in selling vintage professionally until a colleague from Martha Stewart, where I worked, told me about a new flea market launching in a schoolyard in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We started collecting extra stuff, from estate sales, got our business licence and were excited to be in on the ground floor of something sure to be successful.

“That was back in April 2008. Fast forward eight years and the organisers of the Brooklyn Flea announced they were taking over the last remaining lot of the legendary Chelsea Flea market in Manhattan. We made the move there in September 2020.

“We’d already begun to focus more on clothing – it was easier to transport and pack up – and once we got to Chelsea, our business really started to grow. Then after popping up at a storefront in Nolita for two consecutive Decembers, with some dealer friends, I decided opening a store was my goal. And here we are!”