Flats On Film

Lena Dunham in Red Patent Ops&Ops


We were thrilled to catch sight of Lena Dunham wearing our Red Patent No10s while filming Girls’ season 5 in New York. Inspired by the thought of seeing our flats on film, we’ve collected some of our favourite celluloid shoe moments. So, in no particular order …

Model shoot in Blow-Up

Blow Up Jill Kennington leads the graphic formation, Peggy Moffitt is second, for hip photographer Thomas’ famous fashion shoot in Antonioni’s London-shot Blow Up.

Twisitng in 81/2

Gloria and Guido’s brief dance scene in Federico Fellini’s 8½ stands out for the most perfect pair of kitten heels. It also inspired Mia and Vincent’s twist in Pulp Fiction.

Emma Peel gets a foot cast in The Avengers

Avengers Mrs Peel visits Piedi’s “the most exclusive shop in town” where Piedi himself becomes enthralled by Emma’s “two pairs of foot”.

The Avengers style file Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in The Avengers

Avengers And here in Mary Jane’s and fur she is elegance personified.

Roger Vadim's Barbarella

Barbarella Jane Fonda played the title role in Roger Vadim’s 1968 sci-fi extravaganza Barbarella. But the star of the show is those boots.

Belle de Jour Catherine Deneuve’s Belle de Jour Séverine Serizy. The coat is Yves Saint Laurent, but our eyes are drawn immediately to her feet and Roger Vivier’s black patent buckle shoes.

Buckle flats by Roger Vivier

Belle de Jour We’re not the only ones, 100,000s pairs of Roger Vivier flats were sold following the film’s release in 1967.

The Girls arrive in London

Smashing Time Yvonne feels the pinch, while pal Brenda in more sensible flats looks resigned as the pair hit London from the north in 1967 comedy.