Film Night with Ops&Ops

Curzon Cinema, Old Swan Liverpool

Films. In total, a particular scene or shot. A fleeting glimpse of colour, shade or attitude. Ops&Ops have taken a lot of inspiration from the film world – stories, sets, stars, style and costumes. 

We love a night at the cinema, imagine how great it would have been to visit this Curzon in Liverpool (check out other cool picture houses here). But with entertainment home-based for now, we thought we’d share some of our favourite movies and the footwear they’ve influenced.

Belle de Jour, 1967 Catherine Deneuve’s Séverine’s endless elegance is the perfect fit for Yves Saint Laurent’s designs. With their classic, timeless approach, the clothes remain as modern and relevant today as they did back then. 

A Dandy in Aspic, 1968 A super-stylish cold-war spy story that zaps between a grey, dreary London to the capital’s hotspots, the suburbs and Berlin. Pierre Cardin designed the costumes and Mia Farrow’s, both daytime and night, are a lesson in simplicity and verve. 

Bande à Parte, 1964 (Band of Outsiders) We adore Anna Karina and she has influenced us from the get-go. We were lucky enough to see her when she appeared at the BFI following a screening of this film. A brilliant oddball watch, it is a joy and captures Karina’s enduring charm.  

Bonnie and Clyde, 1967 This set the trend for the 1930s-inspired feminine power-dressing of the late 60s. A largely two-tone palette of camels for confident, smart women in control.

Charade, 1963 A walk-through of Audrey Hepburn and Givency wardrobe collabs, this is also a Hollywood who’s who. Among all Hepburn’s style moments, a standout for us is when she is going incognito in trench, headscarf and go-go boots!

The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968 Steve McQueen is Ivy League perfection, Faye Dunaway is a sublime mix of sophistication and hip. From her classic flats, pants and sweaters to her grown-up evening wear – demure at first glance, daring at second.

Blow Up, 1966 The film of Swinging London and ode to David Bailey. A catwalk of Pierre Cardin creations, whose sporty vibes inspired our latest Action collection.

81/2, 1963 A film of a film being made. A comedy that’s funny and sad. A drama. Exquisite to watch, real and surreal, nothing is quite what it seems. And dancing figures large.