Courrèges: King of the Futuristic

Courrèges: king the futuristic

André Courrèges: king of the futuristic? Always. He studied civil engineering before deciding to pursue a career in fashion, and ten years after working under the guidance of Cristobal Balenciaga, Basque-born Courrèges decided to go it alone. 

In 1964 he launched the Moon Girl collection. Go-go boots, trapeze dresses, space-age designs, mini skirts and helmets in a colour palette of dazzling white and silver, he was for a time the cosmonaut of couture. Trouser suits, too, became a signature of his label, both smart and laid-back – a real departure for women of the time. He was a team along with his wife Coqueline, who choreographed his shows with soundtracks and sporty vibes.

Courrèges finally left fashion to paint and sculpt, but his legacy remained,  as relevant today as it always has been, just as his designs will remain out of this world.

Courreges: master of the future