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Archives for 1960s

Go-Go Boots – are Go!

Go-Go boots. They're up there with Dorothy’s red slippers, Roger Vivier’s Pilgrim pumps and Audrey Hepburn’s Penny Loafers in footwear folklore. Not just an icon of the 1960s, go-go boots are among the most iconic shoe and boot trends of the 20th century. André Courrèges was the magician who introduced the go-go boot.  A white mid-calf...

You Say You Want A Revolution?

You Say You Want A Revolution opener
Excited? On hearing news of the V&A's latest blockbuster show You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 - 1970, we were ecstatic! It's a subject right up our street and we were thrilled to be invited along to the opening. Laid out in six sections, with an accompanying soundtrack, it explores the political and cultural revolution of the time mostly spearheaded by...

The Man With Two Names

Jean Bates in his studio
The man with two names. Is he John Bates or Jean Varon? He is of course both, one of Britain’s most influential designers, ever, and one of Ops&Ops favourites. It is easy to see why. The shortest mini skirts and dresses, trouser suits and catsuits, cut-outs, op-art black and white, matching coats and dresses, dresses...